Der Neue Cheats Trend

Hi an alle da draußen. Wir sind Technologie ist ein Abenteuer und wir sind große Fans von dem Fortschritt weltweit. Zur Zeit hat

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Am Anfang programmierten wir unsere eigenen Android Anwendungen. Heut zu Tage

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8 Ball Pool Tricks to get free coins

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8 Ball Pool Tricks to get free coins

Five Most Essential Apps for Your First Android Phone

Here is my choice of five must have apps when you purchased your Android or Droid phone for the first time:

1. Barcode Scanner – You can scan any barcodes for product information with this barcode scanner, however, it is most likely to used in scanning of QR Codes to … install whatever apps to your phone. It’ll just make your life easier. You’ll need to download this app directly from your phone’s Android Market.
2. Uninstaller – It’s an uninstall tool that can easily uninstall any apps you installed to your Android phone. Very useful but it cannot uninstall any pre-installed apps by your carrier. Click Uninstaller to go to its page and scan the QR Code located at the bottom using the Barcode Scanner to download.
3. Google Maps – It’s a map from Google for your Android phone. It has features of live traffic, satellite view, terrain view, buzz, latitude, finding hotels, restaurants, coffee, bars, gas stations, and many more. You’ll need to enable GPS to locate yourself. Click Google Maps to go to its page and scan the QR Code located at the bottom using the Barcode Scanner to download.
4. Lookout Mobile Security – It’s an anti-virus, back up tool, and missing phone tracking device. This app will protect your phone from virus and you can also back up your information and files. Best of all, it has a feature of locating your device on the map. So if your phone is lost or stolen, you can simply check your phone’s location at their website and you can even remotely turn on the loud siren or alarm. Click Lookout Mobile Security to go to its page and scan the QR Code located at the bottom using the Barcode Scanner to download.
5. Advanced Task Killer – It’s like a task manager but it can force stop any running or unwanted applications. By killing applications, you can save your battery and free lots of memory. Click Advanced Task Killer to go to its page and scan the QR Code located at the bottom using the Barcode Scanner to download.

Five Most Essential Apps for Your First Android Phone